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2 advantages to working out your own custody agreement

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce is tough on the entire family, especially when there are minor children involved. Even if your split is contentious, it is important to resolve issues relating to child custody and form an agreed-upon arrangement that allows for effective co-parenting.

Here are two advantages to creating your own custody agreement in Texas.

1. Your plan meets your children’s needs

As parents, you know better than anyone else what serves the best interests of your youngest family members. If you and your ex cannot agree on arrangements for the children, then the courts must intervene to determine legal and physical custody as well as schedules and visitation. When a judge must make all the important decisions, you lose the power to choose what is best for your family. The ideal outcome is for you and your former spouse to come to a custody agreement that minimizes the impact on your children while sorting out the new details of their daily lives.

2. No plan means lengthy and costly court proceedings

Getting a divorce is financially and emotionally draining, even when the parties are amicable. Formulating an appropriate child custody plan prevents you from battling your spouse in court, reducing animosity and saving each party time, stress and money. Once a judge reviews and approves your proposed agreement, it becomes a binding contract for the family to follow.

Your children deserve the best of both their parents. If you are considering or pursuing divorce, it is important to understand how courts approach child custody and support in Texas.