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The importance of connecting injuries to car accidents

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It is common for people to experience delayed symptoms of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision. Not only do endorphins and adrenaline mask physical symptoms immediately following a traumatic event like a car crash, but some injuries do not fully manifest for hours or even days.

Should you seek medical attention following an accident, even if you do not have any physical signs of injury?

Injuries and the importance of medical attention

Delaying a visit to the doctor is risky and for people involved in a collision, it can especially dangerous. The impact that even a minor accident has on your body is substantial, and there is simply no way to know the extent of any potential damages without receiving medical care. A doctor or other medical professional can assess and diagnose injuries that are not easily visible or detectable.

Medical diagnoses and personal injury cases

Seeking medical assistance is crucial for your health, but it is also paramount to your personal injury case. Documentation of the damages you received due to the motor vehicle collision is most helpful if it begins immediately following the accident. This thorough account of your injuries provides a clear picture of how the incident has affected you, which enables a better estimate of the monetary compensation you will need to move forward.

Healing is not linear, and many people face a difficult road on their way to overcoming trauma. However, obtaining the medical care you need will benefit both your recovery and your personal injury claim.