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Tactics that auto insurance companies use to spur a settlement

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Insurance companies exist to provide financial support for injury claimants. Unfortunately, insurers have a monetary incentive to issue denials. They do this with shocking regularity.

If you receive an unjustifiable rejection, you may respond by filing a lawsuit. Company representatives are likely to counter with underhanded strategies. They may even use some before you file litigation. Knowing how to protect yourself from these tactics will help secure satisfactory compensation.

Denying evidence

Insurance claims require proof. What amounts to adequate documentation is a subjective matter. You may receive word that you did not provide ample information. You have the right to appeal such rulings. That said, it is better to supply unimpeachable evidence. Include witness statements, photos, police reports and other materials that strengthen your tale.

Splitting blame

Another tactic that insurers try is saying you are partially at fault. They do this in hopes you will accept a lower-than-reasonable settlement offer. Rather than taking the deal, wait until the completion of an independent investigation. Certainty over your role puts everyone in a position to determine fair compensation.

Delaying processing

Although unseemly, insurance companies sometimes move slowly on purpose. Their representatives know the likelihood you are facing financial pressure from medical bills. As these charges mount, you become more open to accepting a low-ball offer. Instead, contact the adjuster. Should that not yield results, deliver a formal letter outlining your complaint.

Insurance companies sometimes use sneaky maneuvers to avoid paying deserving individuals. Guard yourself against these moves and get what you deserve.