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Offering Bail Bonds For Release From Jail

If you or someone you love is in jail, you have the option of securing temporary release through a bail bond. At the Law Office of M. Dinorah Diaz, Ms. Diaz has the authority to write these bonds. To ease the burden of your legal expenses, she can apply the 10% down that you pay for bond services to your legal fees if you hire her as your attorney.

Bonds And You: What To Know

According to Title 1, Art. 17.01 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, bail is the security given by the accused that he or she will appear and answer before the proper court the criminal charge brought against him or her, and includes a bail bond, a personal bond or a surety bond.

  • Bail bonds: A bail bond comes from someone (a guarantor) who guarantees the county that if the accused forfeits – then the guarantor will be responsible for paying the money to the county. Guarantors can be attorneys such as Ms. Diaz who are authorized by the county to do so or can be bail bond companies.
  • Surety bonds: A surety bond is a bond that the attorney can write for the defendant if they have the authority to do so. Dinorah Diaz is one of the few attorneys who can write such bonds to help her clients get out of jail.

Ask A Lawyer About Using Bail Bonds

Figuring out bail bonds is incredibly complex. Dinorah can help you and explain your options. Contact her law firm to schedule an initial consultation. To reach her, call 210-341-3488 or send us an email.